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It might seem presumptuous to say that I have come to see that all people carry shame within themselves. At seventy-three years of age I finally dealt with shames I carried, as well as two traumatic events in my life over the past year and a half, through counseling and consciousness medicine therapy work with a gifted guide. In the process of getting in touch with the depths of my psyche, I found compassion and love for myself, and was healed of my past shame.  In the process I clearly saw not only the shame I carried, but also the shame we all carry.  I wouldn’t argue with someone who said that they had no shame, it’s not worth an argument.  Arguments do not connect people, compassion does.  Still, I know what I saw and experienced.  Shame comes in so many different forms. Whether it comes from discrimination, abuse, hurts, disappointments, or fears of not being seen or recognized or loved, life brings its share to each of us. Some of us wear it well, building beautiful lives of family, community, and connection, others never end up feeling that they can measure up to what others expect of them, and some live in denial.  I believe that shame is a part of all of our lives, no matter how well or poorly we deal with it.

This website is dedicated to all of us who would like to have better insight into the shame we carry, and inspiration to deal with it and move through it, for on the other side of shame is a world of freedom and light and love and compassion and connection and peace. May we each engender that in ourselves, in each other, and in a world that so desperately needs to be healed.

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